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John F. Peto Studio Museum

The John F. Peto Studio Museum, 2010


Current Exhibition: Island Heights and Beyond – The Artists Colony

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 5.40.50 PMThe John F. Peto Studio Museum is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving the studio of the artist John F. Peto.  The museum is open to the public. 

Mission Statement
The mission of the John F. Peto Studio Museum is the preservation of the John F. Peto legacy by maintaining his house and studio as a working museum, by fostering educational opportunities in the arts and by serving as a partner in the community.
Vision Statement
The John F. Peto Studio museum will be a world-class museum, where visitors will be transported to the late 19th Century by historic recreations of Peto’s studio, home and gardens, while enjoying innovative cultural events inspired by his art and times.

Board of Trustees

Barbara Rivolta, President  |  Harry L. Bower, Vice President  |  Frederick L. Rosenfeld, Treasurer  |  Sarah E. Punderson, Secretary
Alice E. Askoff, Trustee  |  Joseph Eichinger, Trustee  |  Peter Bryant Kier, Trustee  |  Donald D. Roberts, Trustee

Advisory Board

Peter H. Brink
Senior Vice President Programs (Retired)
National Trust for Historic Preservation

Michael Calafati AIA,
Michael Calafati, LLC

Volunteer Coordinators

Chetra E. Kotzas, Garden Programs  |  Barbara Rivolta, Collections Manager




Photo courtesy of Chetra E. Kotzas